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However much we might all want to argue the point, professional photographers are judged by their published pictures.

A Selection of Covers

These covers come almost entirely from scans of tear sheets found in one of my old portfolios maintained by Susan Griggs for many years my London agent.

Other pictures, like this of Tuai Rumah of Rumah Langga, the Bangkit river on the island of Borneo, have been featured as book covers, posters, and so on.

I hope to add to the collection as I track down more. I will be looking in France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Australia, South Africa, Japan, South America, Canada and the USA as well as delving deeper in the UK.

I am also looking for original print sets, or tear sheets going back to 1960, which were lodged with picture and press agents all over the world who were affiliated to Camera Press and the great Tom Blau.

I also wonder what happened to my photographs held by The Bell Howarth agency of the early 1960s. Then there’s the inheritors of the Daily Telegraph or Telegraph magazine syndication library and The Susan Griggs agency - Comstock, Getty, Topham Picturepoint. And, of course, my long term New York agent Woodfin Camp, who's agency is being wound up.

I lost most of the first 15 years of my photographic work when my house burned down in mid-1970s. Please contact me if you know of any of my covers, or magazine stories, or prints. Or, send me a good quality scan.

Thank you Anthony Howarth.


01 02 03 04
Naturalist Ken Norris


French Resistance D-day 1. French Resistance D-day 2. Marseille
05 10 15 20
Sensations of Super-sonic Flight


Human Guinea Pigs


John Le Carré


Safari Fashion


06 07 08 09
Investiture of Prince of Wales


Scottish Nationalism British Rockets Weaponry Surfing Biarritz France
11 12 13 14
7th Fleet, USS Constellation


Clement Freud Pilot's license Orphan Heirs to Italian Fortune Duke of Buccleuch
16 17 18 19
Downtown Los Angeles


Charles & Diana in St Paul's Kenyatta Photographic Biography Gaza 6 Day War
21 22 23 24
Churchill buried Bladon churchyard


Auberon Waugh Zermatt Powder Snow Skiing Hot Air Ballooning
26 27 28 29
Karl Popper Philosopher


Jews in Britain Britain from 500 ft - Stonehenge Clement Freud Formula Ford
31 32 33 34
Cedar Riverside


Nato USS Forrestal Steeplechase Water Jump Autostrada del Sol
25 30 40 35
Polaris Submarine


Souvenir Brochure


Bicycle Fashion


Golbahar Bakhtiari Migration


36 37 38 39
St Tropez Tales - Terry Jones et al Docking Exxon Supertanker Loaded Oil Tankers Saudi Arabia 'Wild People' Book Cover


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