BOAT, PEOPLE and ME – First VoyageBook cover of Boat, People and Me - First Voyage by ANTHONY HOWARTH, vol 1 in series
Volume I in the Boat, People & Me Series

A love story set in an adventure, on a boat. It is the story of two travellers from opposite sides of the world who never, ever, intended to find themselves at sea in a small sailing boat in a more than hurricane strength storm.

"Fantastic! Have just finished reading after neglecting/ being late for everything else I was supposed to be doing this weekend... ." Julienne

The BOAT, PEOPLE and ME Series of books by Anthony Howarth, is, of course, a true life adventure, and they're quality travel books.


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Boat is pinned over, held, quite literally, in the grip of the wind at about forty-five degrees. Not rocking or oscillating. Held as if in a vibrating but rigid clamp.

The waves appear to be twice the height of our mast. Breaking water curls clear over Boat. The next wave shreds in the wind generator’s blades and drenches the satellite navigation antenna, mounted at the stern. A wave passes way over my head. Then another – it fills the cockpit!

I remember thinking, as I sat in the water, that the sea was remarkably warm for February.

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