Boat, People

 and Me

The Boat, People and Me series of eight books, originally written as a continuing series for radio (and soon to be available again in that form) spans a period of almost a quarter of a century in the life of People, and Me.

An extraordinary story of two people, always in love and, as often as not, in trouble. Much to laugh about in between the suspense and the fear, and sometimes pain that does not always go away.

The books will be released as e-books and then as audio books and in print over the next two years.

The first volume in the series, BOAT, PEOPLE and ME FIRST VOYAGE, is now available for down load on Kindle and devices with Kindle apps. More availability across a broad range of media will follow.


A reader writes:

"Read the book with absolute fascination...until far too late last evening.... The sheer jaw dropping nerve of the adventure is enough in itself..." Julienne

The next three books in the Boat, People and Me saga will be available first as e-books in the first half of 2013. The remaining four books in the series should be published by the Autumn of 2014.

Boat, People and Me Series Titles:

Volume 1.
BOAT, PEOPLE and ME - First Voyage
The country of the sea. A hurricane by any other name.

Volume 2.
BOAT, PEOPLE and ME - The Road To Grenada
Atlantic conversion, a blinding light from the deep.

Volume 3.
BOAT, PEOPLE and ME - The Busted Flush
Florida: Elmore, Carl and John Ds Travis Magee.

Volume 4.
BOAT, PEOPLE and ME - The Legend Of Georgia Blue
Ross Thomas inspires futurist solar-powered tender.

(working titles)

Volume 5.
BOAT, PEOPLE and ME - Life as a Postcode Lottery
Colours of the Caribbean and Liaisons dangereuses

Volume 6.
BOAT, PEOPLE and ME - At Her Majesty's Pleasure
'Nuff said! Then there's ice skaters in the wild.

Volume 7.
BOAT, PEOPLE and ME - The Lying Dutchman
Party horns and strawberry blazers. Biscay beckons.

Volume 8.
BOAT, PEOPLE and ME - A Kit of Stones
2 seas, 2 Africars, 2 solar vehicles, and, yes, 2 cats.

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